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Before you choose to work with a Nyatoh wood supplier, it’s a very good idea to understand all options that you can find on the market. You can find Meranti, Nyatoh, Merbau but you can also find Melunak and Balau. Which one is the best though? Here are a few ideas that you need to keep in mind.


Balau is a very well defined type of wood. It’s lighter in color when compared to the regular heartwood and it’s quite well defined. Its color can be either brown with a bit of reddish tinge or it can be yellow brown depending on the situation. It usually weathers to a shade of reddish dark brown at times. Since it has an interlocked grain, it can be used for many types of outdoor applications. The texture is moderate. You can use it for joists, bridges, wharves, wagons, carriage frameworks and wine casks among many others.

Nyatoh wood

Whenever you choose to visit the Nyatoh wood supplier you have to pick sapwood that is sharply defined. The surface of any Nyatoh wood is streaked and not lustrous. Its texture is fine and even. You can find Nyatoh wood used for window and door frames as well as scantlings, ceiling, boat framing, joists, beams but it can also be used for furniture and joinery.


In the case of Merbau, you need to keep in mind that it has some very distinct growth rings. Its texture is coarse and even, with its surface being quite glossy most of the time. The overall color of Merbau Sapwood is pale yellow. A thing to note here is that the Merbau wood is very strong and it can be used for all types of constructions. Not only that, but it can also be used for rotary veneers and office fittings among many others.


Melunak is a medium light timber which usually has a brown color. It can be used for a multitude of light structural tasks. It can work well outdoors, but it’s recommended to use it indoors if you can. Not only does it finish well, but it also machines with ease, something that does bring in front a very good value to begin with.


Meranti is a yellow wood which is very well defined in its sapwood form. The heartwood, when fresh, it’s light yellow-brown and it can have darker shades at times. An important thing to note here is that its surface isn’t lustrous. Even if Meranti isn’t resinous, you will find resin canals that have white content within them. You can use Meranti for deck railing, internal fittings, furniture, plywood, tubs, joiner, planking and so on.

As you can see, each type of Singapore timber wood has its own unique density and uses. If you want to get the very best results, we recommend you to give study each type of wood, see its features, then you can find the right one to suit your needs!

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No matter what purpose you need wood for, it is vital you understand the benefits of using heat treated timer only. First things first, heat treatment for timber is very essential so as to comply with ISPM15 requirements which keep the wood save from infestation and pests while they are being exported from one place to another. The International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging aka ISPM15 has made it mandatory that all wood being packaged be heat treated before they are shipped. 14 countries around the globe along with the European Union now comply with standards adopted by ISPM15.

Here are a few detailed benefits of choosing heat treated timber only. Go through them and make sure you only opt for heat treated wood the next time you need timber for any purpose.

Minimizes Chemical Related Health Risks

Heat treated timber reduces the risk of health hazards that chemicals in the wood can pose for the manufacturers, shippers and handlers. Heat treatment of the wood ensures safe handling and exposure to hazardous chemicals like copper metallic salts, chrome or methyl bromide are reduced.

Increases Shelf Life

Since ages, heat treatment has been used as one of the most natural way of preserving wood as it adds quality and longevity to it. Heat treating timber alters its composition and properties making it immune against decomposition, damage due to dampness and also extreme humidity. Also heat treated wood is resistant to fungi and other microorganisms growth and therefore decreases the risk of rotting. Heat treatment also hardens the wood and increases its impermeability which again promotes the wood’s longevity by making it stable and resistant to swelling or shrinking with weather exposure.

Its Eco-Friendly

Unlike other materials, wood is environmentally safe and does not contribute to harming the ozone layer. More importantly, heat treated wood can be recycled and reused for a number of purposes which means there isn’t really anything that goes to waste. Also because no chemicals are used in the manufacturing of heat treated wood, there is nothing better that contributes to the environment other than this.

Lightens The Load

Heat treating the wood not only reduces moisture but it also alters its composition making it resistant to absorbing moisture in the future. This therefore means that the wood weighs less, a very good news indeed for the shipping business. You will also be able to save a huge amount on shipping costs. You also save on safety procedures against attacks of fungi and mold lightening your financial load too.

Accepted Globally

Heat treated wood complies with the international standards of wood being used to ensure health and safety. It also reduces the risk of cross contamination through shipped goods and also stops the transfer of parasites across the oceans. With heat treated wood you don’t have to worry about your shipments being returned and not being accepted across nations or being faced with shipping restrictions associated to untreated wood.

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If you want to find a type of Singapore timber wood that can provide you with quality, reliability and ease of use, you will see that Nyatoh wood is right up your alley. Not only does the Nyatoh wood have a wide array of great features, but it’s also great looking and very durable. In fact, it’s the durability of this product that manages to bring in front quality and great attention to detail right from the start.

Once you choose to opt for Nyatoh wood, you will see that there are a wide array of options. Every Nyatoh wood supplier can provide this type of wood in bulk, so you just need to see the type of projects you want to use it for!


One of the main uses for the Nyatoh wood is definitely in the furniture industry. Since it looks great and it has a very good durability, this type of wood works great for beautiful, refined furniture! Not only that, but it does a very good job at maintaining its quality in the longer term which is really important.

Solid doors

A lot of people go to the Nyatoh wood supplier asking for this type of wood specifically for their doors. The reason is simple, everyone needs durable and quality doors! That alone makes Nyatoh wood a great investment. It’s also the main reason why Nyatoh wood has managed to become so popular!

Decorative works

In case you want to decorate a home, Nyatoh wood can be perfect. It works amazingly well with partitioning, molding, paneling as well as interior finishes. You can use it to decorate the inner structure of your home without any issues.

Staircases and decking

Since it’s very durable, Nyatoh wood can also be used for outdoor decks and staircases. This helps boost your decking’s durability and you won’t have to worry about its maintenance either which is very important.

Other uses

Aside from the main uses listed above, Nyatoh wood can also be used in a wide variety of situations. For example, it does a very good job at decking, flooring and joinery not to mention that it can be used for columns as well. Instead of having concrete columns, customers want this type of Singapore timber wood because it works great and it looks amazingly well.

You can also use Nyatoh wood for boat and ship building, vehicle bodies, door and window frames, railway sleepers and many others. The reason why Nyatoh wood has so many uses is very simple to understand. It’s a very durable and high quality wood that can be handled with ease and which requires minimal maintenance!

So, if you want to work with the very best type of wood on the market, one that delivers an incredible quality and the very best value, you should consider opting for Nyatoh wood as fast as possible. Contact your Nyatoh wood supplier today and get the best type of Singapore timber wood that you can use in various home projects, furniture creation and finishes!

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Nyatoh wood is a type of tropical wood that can be found in various regions of India, Indonesia and the Philippines. It’s a type of Singapore timber wood that can be used for outdoor furniture but it can also work great for a variety of other projects. It’s widely known for its durability, mainly thanks to the fact that it comes from the Sapotaceae family.

Looks and appearance

The Nyatoh wood creates yellow or straw colored sapwood that can be very hard to differentiate from the regular heartwood. The latter can be either reddish brown, pale pink or even purple. There are times when you will find it streaked with some other, darker colors. Another thing to note is that the Nyatoh wood supplier options usually deliver timber with either a shallowly or straight interlocked grain.


One thing to note about the Nyatoh wood is that it’s very durable, one of the most durable types of timber in the region. It actually has a rank of 1195 based on the Janka (hardness) scale. There are a few species of Nyatoh wood that are harder with around 3000 on the Janka scale. Its durability makes the Nyatoh wood one of the best pieces of timber that you can use in outdoor projects. It can be used without treatment which is very helpful. However, a thing to note here is that the sapwood and heartwood are both vulnerable to boring beetles and termites.

What can it be used for?

The Singapore timber wood and Nyatoh wood can peel very well into veneer. It can be very helpful for the ornamental surfaces and you can even try to create cabinets and indoor furniture from it. Some people actually use it for decorating boats, creating utilities and it will even help create dowels. You will also be able to find Nyatoh wood in strip flooring and in parquet or plywood.

Is it legal to harvest?

Yes, but under specific rules. Based on Rainforest Relief, there are many persons that harvest this type of wood without taking the regulations in mind. This type of irresponsible behavior can be very damaging not only for the animals in the region, but also for people that live in these areas.

If you want to get the very best Nyatoh wood on the market, you should consider contacting your Nyatoh wood supplier! We are here to help right away and we will provide you with the quality and help that you are in dire need of. No matter what type of projects you need to work with, we are the timber wood supplier that you need to work with as fast as possible. Once you choose to work with us you will be more than impressed with the quality and results that you can obtain here. Don’t hesitate and get in touch now for any inquiry or quotes, we are here to assist. Plus, as a reputable Singapore timber wood supplier, we are offering the very best results and quality without any problem!

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There are many different types of timber as well as many types of joints that can be purchased and formed with timber. Whether you are looking for simple plywood or Meranti finger Joints, U-court wood products can provide you with a variety of different types of Timber wood.

One of the most popular products we have in stock is Nyatoh which is a hardwood species they can be found in the rain forests of Southeast Asia. This is a particularly rare type of timber wood and it’s known for its dark brown and red color. The species is excellent to work with and it has a very straight and tight grain that is very similar to cherry hardwood. Nyatoh is great for many types of home improvement tasks and it makes creating even the most complicated joints very easy.

Timber plywood: timber plywood is one of the most affordable options that you can use in home improvement projects. The sheet material is made up of different piles of various wood veneer which is glued together to form the grain. Timber plywood is made up of hardwood materials which makes it much stronger than soft plywood. The added strength also improves the durability of the eventual pieces that are constructed of this type of plywood.

Cedar: Cedar is a hardwood that can be commonly found throughout the world and it is known for being fairly reasonable to work with as well as its wide availability. Cedar can be found in a variety of veneers, carvings and furniture.

Amoora: This hardwood is a red or reddish brown and it’s usually used commonly in joinery, furniture and in veneers. It is somewhat lighter than some of the other hardwood timbers and it makes very attractive furniture pieces.

Ash: Ash is quite easy to manipulate and it works as a great substitute for beech due to its strength. The texture of ashes usually quite course and it can be ideal for many carpentry in joinery projects.

Keep some of these types of timber woods in mind when ordering from U-Court Wood Products.